Going to Space at 60 - "Soyuz Simulator" - Limited Edition Collector Prints


Going to Space at 60 - "Soyuz Simulator" - Limited Edition Collector Prints

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• Size: 30x40 (50x70) cm
• Format: Archival pigment print on fine art/archival paper
• Printed on: Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta 325gsm
• Image size: 35 (60) cm on the longest side
• Signed and numbered on verso
• Edition: 25 (10)

ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli in the Soyuz simulator.
Star City, Russia. 2017.

“This picture is from “Going to Space at 60” project for National Geographic Italia magazine which has lasted more than one year. It tells about the European astronaut Paolo Nespoli leaving for his third mission in space. He was the first 60-year-old astronaut in the world to be enrolled in a long mission. Russia has been the most difficult but at the same time interesting destination from a photographic point of view. There, in fact, I have photographed Paolo in the Soyuz launch module simulator. Once I saw it for the first time, I immediately thought that it would have been one of the most important shot, probably the cover one. I came in the Soyuz and suddenly something unbelievable happened: all lights went off, everything was dark and from the outside they started knocking on the door telling me I had only one minute left. Outside I had some led lights but if I had come out the module, they wouldn’t have let me come in once again. So I had an idea: I took my smartphone - the only electronic device I had with me, I turned on the torch and I put it on between two panels behind the astronaut. From this series of shots, National Geographic has chosen the cover. And for the first time, a NatGeo cover has been sent to Space.”

Photo © Alessandro Barteletti

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