A dialogue with the 40 sex offenders living in the Protected Area of Sanremo prison has been allowed for the first time.

Sex offenders are persons who have committed a sexual crime, they are usually normal men with a good level of education. A house, a family, a job. They are not common criminals frequently coming in and out a prison. A sex offender has to stay far away from common prisoners, he can’t get in touch with them, constantly living in an isolated building for safety reasons.

What is freedom? And fear? Does the word future still exist?
 Their gestures, words, music and looks are lives that trudge, kick, scream, hold out.
 Writer Francesca Rabitti and I have met them to tell, through her words and my images, a unique and hearty experience. Only photos of the rooms and non recognisable sex offenders were allowed. But suddenly something incredible happened: “May I have a picture of me?”, one of them asked. Behind him, a long queue of men with the same request.

They understood that thanks to our photos and words the world out there, beyond bars, gates and policemen could know their story. Their will to have a second chance. Guilt and pain still live, together with hope. They are humans.

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